Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Starlite Dancers had an amazing show for October 20th and started perfectly, but then Second Life started to grief us a bit! They managed with some minor delays to recover and as always a great show.

Unfortunately, Paris Unplugged's beautiful stage performance could not be done last night and will have to be rescheduled.

Kat & Izzy's Beale Street was outstanding dual choreographed routine. Well done girls!

Devy did a great job and was very steamy with the Greasy Gear Girls!

Deyna and her Oh La La girls here HOT as they shake'd it up on stage.

Kat & Sarah were WHITE HOT in Seduction in Hell!

Izzy & a hospital full of mental patients jumped jived and wailed in St. James Infirmary.

Our grand finale was a amazing audience participation dance created by Kat as we invited 6 from the crowd to join in a 2 song number!

Again, great job everyone!
Next show Nov 3rd, although there is discussion of a ENCORE show of some of our past show routines to be scheduled for a weekend during the day. Keep you posted!

Samual "Yes, this is my real hair" Wetherby

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