Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review of Monday, October 6th, 2014's show

Hi everybody!

Wow, what an amazing show we had tonight! Come with me as we relive the memories of this night.

To kickoff this fabulous event, we went to a trailer park to watch Isabelle Mavendorf, Helena Zurivos, Rosalie Pinazzo, Maslin Kvetina, Dee Canucci, Deven Teardrop, paris Unplugged and Electra Spearsong jam out.

When the security guards kicked us out for littering the trailer park, i took everybody on a field trip to Gor.

Noticing that everyone were getting restless, i suggested we go watch the matches between Deyna Huet, Ginin Tonic, paris Unplugged, Helena Zurivos, Rosalie Pinazzo and Maslin Kvetina at the gym.

On the way to the next place we were headed to, we visited with Dee Canucci at a rest stop.

Our car was looking really dirty, so we went to the car wash where i helped Isabelle Mavendorf, Deven Teardrop and Ŕϊηα Åṽяo ɧaʋeɳ Cℓσωeş.

After the vehicle was clean, we went to Electra Spearsong's apartment for dinner.

In the mood to do something different after our meal, we traded our car for a spaceship to go to Venus to pay a social call to Isabelle Mavendorf, Dee Canucci and Ŕϊηα Åṽяo ɧaʋeɳ Cℓσωeş.

To cap off this wonderful night,we headed to a swanky lounge to hang out with Deven Teardrop, Rosalie Pinazzo, Dee Canucci, Karly Crystal, Samual Wetherby, Electra Spearsong, Ginin Tonic, Isabelle Mavendorf and MaxinePosion Resident.

Thank you everybody for a great night!!!

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