Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review of Monday, September 22nd, 2014's show

Hello everybody!

First of all it was a honor to dance with you all tonight! I thought i'd tell everybody about the show, for those that missed it, can make plans to see the next one, and for those that joined us tonight, an opportunity to relive the memories of it!

The first act of the night was a go-go dance number, choreographed by Kat Feldragonne. To join Ms. Feldragonne was Orbert Tatham, myself, Deyna Huet, Katiana Blinker and Dee Canucci. Walls of pink and bright lights gave this routine a fun feel.

The second act to perform on this fine evening was a routine put together by Charlotte Hipatia aka lacocinelle Resident. This was a group number too, so the beautiful Helena Zurivos, Rosalie Pinazzo and LilithDracus Resident took part in this eerie number, too. The theme of this act was Hallmark meets Poltergeist. This was a routine that got us all excited for Halloween to come!

After we were scared out of our wits, the lovely Katiana Blinker came out and wowed us with a sensual belly dance.

As we were fanning ourselves after that spicy routine, Deven Teardrop appeared with the lovely Maxine Yoshiro aka MaxinePosion Resident and Electra Spearsong in a gypsy number.

When the gypsies left to go sell some of their wares, we went to the jungle to visit with Paris Unplugged.

A tropical storm forced us to leave the jungle, but don't worry, i luckily knew of a beautiful forest that was just turning its colors to accommodate Autumn.

As soon as i noticed the sun was starting to rise, i knew we had to visit one last place. So, we all rushed to candyland to see Isabelle Mavendorf, Karly Crystal, Deyna Huet, Electra Spearsong, Helena Zurivos,Maxine Yoshiro aka MaxinePosion Resident and Paris Unplugged dance!

We all had a fabulous time and hope to see everybody in two weeks!

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